Common Diseases of Narcissus and How to Control Them

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
It belongs to epiphytic plants and has high requirements for soil. Breeding is to pay attention to the soil, not ordinary garden soil, will hinder the growth. Soil to ensure loose, breathable, good drainage performance, can use water grass, bark and moss mix, can also use sphagnum moss, charcoal, vermiculite mix. And is preferably slightly acidic or neutral. If disrelish a trouble, can buy special nutrition soil to florist.

1. Gray mold

Symptoms: Daffodils are infected with the disease, which causes the underlying roots to become soft and rot, resulting in a gray mold layer growing on the surface.

Prevention and control method: This disease is mainly infected during storage. It is necessary to ensure that the storage place is dry and has good ventilation. Before storage, the bulbs should be disinfected. If any disease is found, it is necessary to pick it out and destroy it in time.

2. big brown spot disease

symptoms: At the beginning of morbidity, the leaves will appear on the Brown lesions, gradually spread to the whole leaf, peduncle part will also be affected.

prevention and cure method: Before planting, want to sterilize corm, can make up many fungus spirit solution to immerse disinfect, can use Bordeaux liquid to spray after morbidity, pull out the plant with illness destroy.

3. Nematodiasis

Symptoms: This disease mainly affects the leaves and flower stems, resulting in yellow-brown stripes on them, eventually causing the epidermis of leaves and stems to break down or even wither away.

Control method: Before cultivation, 0.5% formalin solution should be used to soak the plants. If the plants are infected, they should be removed and destroyed in time.


4. Yellow Stripe Disease

Symptoms: Infection with this disease causes yellow streaks to appear along the leaf veins, causing the pedicels to fade green, and the bulbs to become smaller and wilt.

Prevention and control methods: Disinfection and sterilization should be carried out before planting. Diseased plants should be pulled out and burned. Insecticides should also be sprayed to avoid the spread of toxicity by insects.

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