How does crab claw orchid soil give birth to small flying insect to do, can soil use egg shell?

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Crab claw orchid in the cultivation of their own preparation of soil, with garden soil, humus, and sand mixed, and then add the right amount of base fertilizer on the line. It is thermophilic and can provide a temperature of about 25 degrees for the most suitable environment. In winter, it should not be lower than 10 degrees. Usually watering does not need to be too frequent, the soil can be slightly wet, rainy season to shelter from rain, avoid water accumulation. In addition, pruning should be carried out in time, especially after flower failure.

1. how to deal with small flying insects in the soil

1. Mosquito incense for killing insects: Mosquito incense can be used to kill small flying insects.The specific method is to spread the ashes burned by mosquito incense evenly on the soil surface, and then water them properly to melt the ashes into the soil, which can play a role in insecticide.It can also be stirred in water and poured into the soil.

2, cut tobacco bubble water: cigarette butts in the cut tobacco can be taken out, about five or six on the line.With its bubble water, the amount of water should be as much as possible, otherwise the concentration is too large.After the water turns yellow, the plants can be watered, and the plants can be watered on the soil, which can also play a role in insecticide.

3. Soil exposure: If there are insects in the soil, take out the soil and expose it to strong light for a period of time, so that the insects will run away and kill their eggs.If the root system of the plant is found to have been bitten by insects, the bad roots should be cut off and repotted after disinfection.

2. soil can use egg shell?

It can use eggshells in the soil, but pay attention to the use method, can not be directly placed in the soil, must be treated.Collect egg shells are insolate under strong light, and are ground into powder after bee completely dried, and that powder is mixed into soil, so that the disadvantages are avoided, the plants can be supplemented with calcium carbonate, the growth is facilitated, and the flowering can be promoted.

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