Gardenia leaves turn yellow in winter.

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
There are three main minefields for growing flowers. The first kind is careful to raise the flower with too strong fragrance, people are in the flower with too strong fragrance for a long time, will bring some negative effects to people's body; The 2nd kind is careful raise doubt to meet allergic flowers, some flowers can cause people to appear a few allergic symptoms, wait for a disease like skin redness, Sao Itch; Third, carefully raise toxic flowers, some flowers themselves are toxic, through odor, juice and other ways to produce adverse reactions to the human body.

1. Low temperature

Reason: Winter climate is cold, if the temperature is lower than 5 , gardenia is easy to yellow leaves, or even frostbite, freeze to death.

Solution: Dew temperature is lower than 5 , to move into the indoor winter in time, indoor temperature is low, you can find a bag to cover the flower, open the ventilation at noon every day.

2. watering more

Reason: The temperature is low in winter, and the water in the potted soil evaporates slowly. If water is supplied according to the watering frequency, it is easy to cause water accumulation in the soil and root rot, which is manifested by the yellowing of plant leaves.

Solution: If the temperature is low in winter, water should be controlled properly. Open the watering interval. Touch the soil surface to make it dry. Carry the pot soil to make it light before watering. Or insert a bamboo stick in the pot and pull it out to see how dry the bamboo is before watering.

3. Lack of light

Reason: In winter, the light is less and the light intensity is not high. If the gardenia is not exposed to the sun for a long time, the lack of light will cause the leaves of the plant to turn yellow.

Solution: In winter, the light is warm and soft. Be sure to move the potted plants to a sunny place and expose them to the sun to accumulate nutrients.If the indoor light is insufficient, the supplementary light can be erected to add light to the plants.


4. Disorderly fertilization

Reason: The winter temperature is low, must not fertilize, otherwise the plant can not absorb, but also easy to cause fat injury, yellow leaves.

Solution: Do not fertilize the whole winter, so that the gardenia flowers can survive the winter safely. Apply alum fertilizer and water after the flowers bloom in the coming spring to supplement nutrients for the plants and prevent the gardenia flowers from having iron-deficient yellow leaves.

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