Water and fertilizer management of Yinxing

Marie Schrader
2020-08-31 11:00:03
Silver Star is a hybrid variety. Its parents are all native to South Africa. For fear of strong sunlight and moisture, the soil should be fertile and nutritious. Therefore, we should pay attention to water and fertilizer management in the maintenance of silver star. What is the skill of watering and fertilizing silver star?

Water management of Yinxing

Succulent plants such as Silverstar are very sensitive to water. Uneven or excessive watering can cause rot. Basically, these meaty waterings follow the principle of "dry through".

When watering the silver star, water it once and wait for the basin soil to dry out before pouring the second time. If it is not easy to pour through, it can be soaked. Put the whole basin into the water, the water surface shall not exceed the basin edge, and wait until the basin soil is completely wet.

Silver Star avoid water wet, therefore, in summer when high temperature and rainy, to gradually cut off water. When the temperature is higher than 35 degrees, start to run out of water. The temperature has fallen in autumn, and watering is slowly resumed.

In winter, due to the low temperature, watering may cause frostbite of Silverstar, which is not conducive to winter, but it can not completely cut off water, lose water, and the growth liquid of Silverstar will be affected, so it can be properly watered. The temperature rise in spring can restore normal watering.

Water can be poured once a week during the main growth periods of spring, autumn and early summer.

Moisture Management of Silver Star

Fertilization management of Silverstar

Silver Star is usually fertilized once a month in its growing period.

At the early stage of growth, 5-10 grains of granular fertilizer were applied in each basin, once every 7-10 days for normal management.

In summer, silver star will enter a short period of dormancy, so fertilization should be stopped. In winter, if the temperature is lower than 10 ℃, the plant will stop growing and fertilization will be stopped.

Pay attention to the amount of fertilizer, not too much fertilizer, to avoid burning seedlings or even disease.

water management of Yinxing

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