How to plant the seeds of Begonia?

Marie Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Poplars usually blossom in April and May, and some blossom at the end of March. Different regions have different climatic environment, flowering time is affected by the local climatic environment, the time is early or late, sometimes there will be autumn and winter flowering phenomenon. Poplar flowers belong to catkin, dioecious, no petals, poplar flowers mature will crack, jump out of seeds, that is, our common poplar catkins.

1. Seed soaking and germination accelerating

In order to improve the germination rate of the seeds of the couple crabapple, the seeds can be soaked in clear water for one night before sowing, the seeds are wrapped with a wet towel after being fished out, the maintenance temperature is ensured to be above 15 deg C, and the seeds of the couple crabapple are sowed after being exposed to white.

2. Quasi-basin soil

Prepare loose and fertile nutritive soil, put the nutritive soil in a pot until it is 70% or 80% full, water the soil thoroughly, then sow the exposed seeds on the soil surface, cover with a thin layer of fine soil, the thickness of the covering soil should be such that the seeds can not be seen, gently compact the soil with your hands, and spray the soil surface with a small watering can.

3. Sowing and burying

After the couple's crabapple is sown, the potted plant needs to be placed in a bright place with scattered light. Observe that the soil surface is dry. Spray the soil wet with a watering can. After a period of time, the seeds of the couple's crabapple can germinate and come out of the ground. After the seedlings grow, the potted plant needs to be moved to a place with good light.

Chinese flowering crabapple

4. Post-treatment Curing

Maintain the curing temperature at 5-35 at ordinary times, gradually increase the light intensity with the growth of plants, weigh the weight of potting soil with hands at ordinary times, and water thoroughly when it feels obviously lighter.After the leaves of the couple's crabapple are unfolded, the flower is watered with balanced fertilizer water of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium every half month, and after the branches and leaves of the plant grow vigorously, the phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are changed to promote the rapid flowering of the couple's crabapple.

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