The difference between the gallon basin and the Castle Peak basin, and the difference between the plastic basin

Skyler White
2021-06-24 08:51:59
The growth direction of root system is different between gallon basin and Castle Peak basin. The root system of gallon basin is easy to appear packing, while the root system of Castle Peak basin grows downward and will not appear packing. The growth rate of gall basin was slower than that of green hill basin. The currant basin is more durable than the green hill basin, with poor air permeability, slow soil drying and more simple appearance. The currant basin is cheaper than the green hill basin under the same specification.

1、 The difference between gallon basin and Castle Peak Basin

1. The root growth direction is different: when planting plants in the Galen basin, the root is easy to appear the condition of packing, while the root of the Qingshan basin grows downward, there will be no packing. According to this difference, you can also choose more suitable plants to plant

2. Different growth rates: plants grow slower when grown in gallon pots. Qingshan basin because there will be no packing phenomenon, so the growth rate of plants is faster

3, durability is different: gallon basin has anti-aging additives, resistant to extrusion, no deformation, no damage, more durable than Castle Peak basin, longer time to use. o:p>

4. The permeability is different: the permeability of the basin is poor, the soil is dry slowly and deep, and the root is prone to water accumulation. When planting plants that are not resistant to water logging, the seepage layer can be added at the bottom of the basin. Qingshan basin has good air permeability, the soil dries quickly, especially in summer, the water evaporates faster, and it is not easy to water

5. The appearance is different: the shape of the gallon basin is more single than that of the Castle Peak basin

6. Different prices: flowerpots of the same specifications are cheaper than green hill pots, which can be purchased according to their own needs

2、 What's the difference between a gallon basin and a plastic basin

Compared with the ordinary plastic pot, the flowerpot is deeper, the wall is thicker, the toughness is better, the quality of the flowerpot is better than the ordinary flowerpot, and the durability is higher

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