How to plant beans when it rains every day?

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Banana peels can be made into liquid fertilizer, first collected banana peels, cut into pieces and put into bottles, add three-fifths of water, tightly cover the bottle cap, put it in a sunny position, after a period of fermentation, it is made, and then take out the juice mixed with clean water to irrigate. You can also roast the banana peel in the microwave oven to remove excess water, break it up and mash it into the soil. It can also be cut up and mixed into compost, covered in soil, sealed and fermented, and used after fermentation.

1. How to plant beans when it rains every day

Soybeans cannot be sown when it rains every day. Otherwise, if the soil is too wet, the soybeans will rot in the soil and will not germinate at all.And rain every day, but also cause soil compaction, some areas will be because of soil erosion, resulting in some soybean cover soil too deep, unable to break through the soil layer.Some soybeans are washed out of the ground, and when the weather clears up, soybeans can not absorb water, resulting in seeds can not germinate smoothly.

Therefore, it is better not to sow soybeans when it rains every day, and wait until the rain stops before sowing. If the soil is too wet, wait a few days before sowing.Moreover, before sowing after rain, it can loosen the soil of farmland and increase the permeability of soil, which is more beneficial to seed germination.In addition, if only a little drizzle every day, it does not affect the sowing of soybeans, so that the soil is slightly moist, but also more conducive to soybean germination.

2. how to sow soybeans

Soybeans are usually sown in mid-late April to early May, that is, when the outdoor soil temperature reaches 8-10 .Before sowing, soil preparation and fertilization are carried out, ridging is carried out to keep the row spacing of the soybeans at 30-35cm, then pits are dug on the ridges, the plant spacing of the soybeans is kept at 15-20cm, and the pit digging depth is about 3cm.And then that soybean seed are buried in the pit, the soil is backfilled and compacted by hands, the soil is wet dure sowing, no watering is needed after sowing, the soil becomes dry during sowing, and two ladles of clear water are needed to be irrigated into each pit after sowing.Later, with the growth of soybeans, cultivation and weeding are carried out, proper topdressing is carried out, and soybeans are harvested after maturity.


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