When is the repotting of Clivia?

Skyler White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Endless summer hydrangea is very fond of sunshine, good growth period to ensure that there are about six hours of sunshine every day, summer appropriate shading. During the growing period, the temperature will be maintained at about 15-25 degrees, pay attention to cooling in summer, and move indoors to keep warm in winter. Timely watering to supplement water, reduce watering in winter, each watering to control the amount of water, can not appear water accumulation. Reasonable topdressing should be applied during the breeding period, once every two weeks or so during the growth period, and foliar fertilizer should be sprayed.

1. when is the repotting of Clivia good

Usually, it is best to change the pots of Clivia miniata in spring and autumn every year. The potting soil needs to be changed 1-2 times every year. Otherwise, the fleshy roots of Clivia miniata grow fast, and the nutrients in the soil can be exhausted in half a year. If the pots are not changed frequently, the growth of Clivia minata in the coming year will be affected.

2. how to change the basin of Clivia

1. Water should be controlled properly before repotting the Clivia miniata. When the soil is slightly dry, the Clivia miniata should be taken out of the original flowerpot, the soil attached to the root system should be removed, the rotten and shriveled root system should be cut off, carbendazim powder should be applied to the incision, and the Clivia minata should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry the root.

2. Prepare loose and breathable soil, which can be prepared with humus soil, pine needle soil, coarse sand and charcoal. Choose a breathable flowerpot with appropriate size to put the root system of Clivia miniata, make the root system around about 3cm away from the pot wall, and put tiles and ceramsite on the bottom of the pot.

3, loading 5-7cm of soil above the ceramsite, wherein the soil humidity is suitable to be "held into a ball by a hand and can be dispersed by touching", then holding the root system of the clivia miniata by the hand, inverting the root system, filling the soil between the root systems of the clivia miniata, holding the root system of the plant, and slowly putting the plant into the center of the flowerpot.

4. Finally, fill the gap between the root system and the flowerpot with soil, gently compact the soil, fill the soil on the root system, cover the root system by 5-7cm, gently compact the soil, move the potted plant to a cool and ventilated place, wait for the soil to be nearly dry and irrigate thoroughly, and then it can be maintained normally after a week.

Clivia miniata

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