The main pests of Camellia and their control

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-08-31 11:00:03
There are aphids, scale insects and stem borers in Camellia. When injured by aphids, it can be sprayed with 50% phosphamine 2000 times solution once every 3-5 days; it can kill scale insects directly on the branches and leaves or spray insect medicine; it can be sprayed with 500 times 20% dimethoate emulsion at the peak of adult emergence of stem borer; it can be cut off and burned intensively on the branches and leaves of Pieris nigra.

Aphid pest

The harm of aphids

There are two kinds of aphids: Wing aphid and wingless aphid. Aphids will gather on the young shoots of camellia to absorb juice, which will shrink the buds and leaves of the injured camellia and seriously affect its growth. At the same time, the excreta of aphids can also cause bituminous coal disease.

Camellia aphid

Control methods

(1) in the early stage of aphid damage, the tea plant can be sprayed with 2000 fold solution of 50% phosphamine emulsion or 50% dimethoate emulsion every 3-5 days. Generally, the aphid can be eliminated about 3 times.

2. Use 0.5 kg of tobacco bars, 0.25 kilograms of quicklime, add water (about 10~15 liters), soak for one day and night, filter and remove residue and spray to prevent and control.

Scale insect pest

The harm of scale insects

There are many kinds of scale insects, among which there are three kinds of scale insects which are harmful to Camellia.

The number of eggs laid by scale insects is very large, each female can lay about one thousand eggs, and can produce 3-5 times a year. So when it is serious, the branches and leaves are covered with scale insects to absorb the leaf liquid. The damaged leaves changed from green to gray green, and finally to yellow, causing the whole plant to wither and die. Its secretion can also induce bituminous coal disease.

Camellia aphid

Control methods

① artificial control: because most of the insects are concentrated, it is easy to find that when the number is not large in the early stage, the pests can be directly pressed on the branches and leaves.

② Medicament Control: we should grasp the characteristics of weak resistance of the newly hatched nymphs and grasp the period of application. (the adult's body surface is waxy and the spraying effect is poor.)

③ frequent sunshine and ventilation

Stem borer

Harm of stem borer

Damage to the branches of Camellia, so that the injured branches wither and die. Generally from March to April and from August to September, the hazard is serious.

Camellia aphid

Control methods

① cut and burn the branches with stem borers.

(2) lure and kill adults with light.

(3) in the peak period of adult emergence, it can be sprayed with 500 times of 20% dimethoate emulsion or 1 & nbsp; 000 times of 90% trichlorfon; in the larval stage, it can also be sprayed with 500 times of 90% trichlorfon.

Whitefly infestation

The harm of whitefly

It is harmful to the insects of camellia leaves by sucking the juice from the leaves. Its secretion can also lead to a large number of occurrence of bituminous coal disease, which seriously affects the normal photosynthesis of Camellia, and even causes a large number of falling flowers.

Camellia aphid

Control methods

① in winter or early spring, cut off the branches and leaves with insects and burn them intensively.

② in the incubation period of nymphs, it can be sprayed with imiphos, marathon, or dimethoate once every 7 days, which can be effectively controlled.

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