Is the stick insect poisonous, a beneficial insect or a pest?

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Thrips can damage a variety of crops. If the rice is infected in the seedling stage, the seed coating agent of 35% thiamethoxam can be used. If the vegetable is infected, the root can be irrigated with 3000-5000 times of 25% thiamethoxam water dispersible granules. If tobacco crops are infected, 25% imidacloprid 1000 times or 25% thiamethoxam 3000-5000 times can be used. If fruit trees are infected, 25% thiamethoxam can be sprayed on cattle.

1. Is the stick insect poisonous

Stick insects are herbivorous insects.However, if they are attacked or feel dangerous, they will attack each other.But rest assured, it is not toxic, even if bitten, there will be no poisoning phenomenon.As long as they are disinfected after being bitten.If you feel uncomfortable, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital to deal with it.

2. stick insects are beneficial insects or pests

Since it is a phytophagous insect, it is a pest, and it will harm plants.Generally, they live in bamboo forests or forests and feed during the day or night, but most of them feed in the evening.It usually feeds on the leaves of shrubs or trees, especially Eucalyptus leaves.In our country, the main damage is oak trees.

3. How to prevent and control

1. Artificial killing: The 3 ~ 6 instars of the stick insect have feigned death, which can be used for artificial killing.It can be knocked down, and adults can be killed under trees in the evening.

2. Biological control: It can be sprayed with bitter tobacco emulsifiable concentrate, about 40g per mu.It can also be sprayed with pollution-free pesticides, such as avermectin and chlorbenzuron No.3 suspension concentrate, which will be poisoned and died 24 hours after application.


3. Chemical control: Spray the pesticide from April to the middle of May. The pesticide is DLC or Dimethoate EC.

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