What is a rodent and is it harmful to people?

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Black water flies are saprophytic insects. It will eat domestic waste, livestock manure, can produce high-value animal protein feed. The breeding period is mostly in pigsty, chicken house, urban garbage dump, outdoor toilet and other composting sites, and studies have shown that the content and types of harmful bacteria in the manure treated with it will be significantly reduced, and can be used as organic fertilizer after treatment. But also can improve the quality of the feed and has a lot of utilization value.

What is a rodent

Rodents are what we call tide bugs, and they like to grow in moist, warm, and secluded places.Its activities are diurnal and nocturnal, with phototaxis and feigned death.Its shell has a layer of grease, which is not easy to be stuck by spider webs.Unlike ordinary insects, it mostly inhabits under stones, dead leaves or rotten wood, and sometimes lives in courtyards and houses.

Is it harmful to people

It is not only harmless to the human body, but also has certain medicinal value. It is often used to stop bleeding and relieve pain, and the effect is relatively good.However, it is harmful to crops, will harm the leaves, easy to cause missing trees, serious will gnaw mesophyll, resulting in only petioles, veins.

2. How to prevent

If there is a rodent in the house, usually pay attention to often open the windows, more ventilation, maintain a dry environment, so that it is very difficult to survive.It can also be sprayed with diluted disinfectant.Or put camphor balls in every corner of the home, can also be effectively eliminated.


If it is agricultural prevention and control, can be used for fenpropathrin or sumicidin mixed soil sprinkled on the ground, about 50-100 grams of drug per mu on the soil 10-20 kg on the line.Alternatively, Dichlorvos can be sprayed on the ground and then covered with a cover, so that it will be poisoned and die.

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