Why is there tide bug in the home, how to eliminate thoroughly?

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The best time to control grubs is around the first ten days of July every year, which is the time when its adults are flourishing, usually from the middle of June. When killing, 50% phoxim emulsifiable concentrate and clean water can be used to mix soil to make poisonous soil to poison it. It can also use 50% parathion and 50% phoxim to dress seeds, which can also effectively control other pests after planting.

1. Why are there tide bugs at home

Moisture bugs naturally like wet conditions.If the home is on a high level, it is mostly climbed up through the sewer.If they live on the ground floor, they climb out of the outdoors or sewers.However, it is harmless to the human body, and as long as the home environment is relatively dry, it can not survive.

2. how to completely eliminate

1, usually often open windows, ventilation, so that the indoor environment to keep dry.Wardrobes at home should be kept tidy, clothes that are not worn should be sorted out with compression bags, and mothballs should be put in every corner, so as to avoid tide insects, which are also difficult to survive in such an environment.

2. When a tide bug is found, it can be killed by spraying. Usually, it is OK to use disinfectant. Add a proper amount of water to dilute it. Put it into a watering can. The specific ratio is 1:5. Then spray it at the tide bug to kill it.

Tide Worm

3, the home is easy to wet places, such as the kitchen, the bathroom should be regularly cleaned, thoroughly cleaned, to maintain a dry, clean environment.Bedding and some clothes should be selected in sunny days when often taken out to dry, as far as possible to ensure air flow.In addition, but also in the corner of the room on the camphor balls, so that you can effectively avoid the tide of insects.If there are children in the family, we must pay attention to the location and avoid eating by mistake.

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