The natural enemy of aphid, how to have aphid to do?

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Methidathion can be used to eliminate scale insects, this drug is very safe, but also has a better effect, but the smell is not good, if it is indoor maintenance of the plant is best not to use. Thiamethoxam can also be used, this drug is very healthy, will not endanger human health, if it can be mixed with other drugs will be better. In addition, can still use organic silicon penetrant, this officinal can be used not only spray, still can irrigate a root, the effect is very good also. In addition, after spraying, the maintenance environment should be changed to avoid re-infection.

1. Natural enemies of aphids

There are many natural enemies, such as the seven-spot ladybug, two-spot ladybug, and Harmonia axyridis. They eat aphids all their lives. One ladybug can eat 138 aphids in a day. It can be said that it is the nemesis of aphids.There are lacewings, syrphid flies, Pardosa Tingripennis, black syrphid mirids and so on.Among them, the hoverfly preys more than ladybugs, and is an expert in preying on aphids.

2. there are aphids how to do

1. Protection of natural enemies: Since we know the natural enemies of aphids, we should protect their natural enemies if we want to better control aphids.During the management of crops or plants, broad-spectrum pesticides must be sprayed as little as possible, especially during the peak period of natural enemy activity, and natural enemies of aphids can be artificially raised and released if conditions permit.

2. Artificial control: In autumn and winter, the base of the trunk can be whitened to avoid aphids laying eggs.Also combined with pruning, the residual flowers, the damaged branches were cut off and burned.After defoliation, the residual branches and fallen leaves are cleaned up to reduce the overwintering insect eggs.When a small amount of aphids are found, they are brushed off with a brush dipped in water.


3. Drug control: If a large number of aphids are found, it is still necessary to spray drugs.Drugs such as imidacloprid, marathon emulsion or pirimicarb will do.You can also use your own pepper water, washing powder preparation spraying, the effect is better.Note that when spraying, it is best to add a proper amount of soap water to increase adhesion and improve the effect.

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