Propagation methods of saffron

Skyler White
2020-08-31 11:00:03
Ball splitting propagation: the ball splitting will be carried out in August to September. According to the shape of the ball, if there is a ball, it can be divided into plants, which can be directly split by hand and planted in the basin. Sowing and propagation: in spring and autumn, the seeds are sown in the basin, with a spacing of 5-10 cm. It is better to be thin. During the growth period, proper watering and fertilization are required.


Split time

The growth period of saffron is in winter and spring. There are two varieties of saffron, autumn flowering and spring opening. Usually, the ball splitting will be carried out in August to September. The earlier the ball is divided, the stronger the seedlings will be.

Select seed ball

In order to avoid nutrient consumption, the residual flowers should be removed immediately after flowering in spring, and the compound fertilizer solution mainly composed of phosphorus and potassium should be applied once or twice to promote the growth and firmness of bulb roots and continue normal maintenance. In summer, the above ground part will be withered and yellow, and the bulbs will be taken out and dried in the shade before storage.

Save seed ball

Cut off the remaining leaves at the top, remove the remains of the female bulb, and then move it into the room. Grade it according to the size, and put it on the indoor plaque rack. It is not necessary to bury the soil, put the bulbous bud mouth upward and horizontally into the plaque, and there is a slight gap between the bulbous.

Bulb Propagation of Crocus sativus L.

Indoor potted plants .

According to the shape of the seed ball in autumn, the plants with the seed ball can be divided. Open it by hand and plant it in the pot.

Maintenance after ball distribution

Increase the indoor air humidity properly and keep the soil moist. Promote seed ball germination.

After the middle of August, the temperature dropped, and generally no cooling measures were taken. The suitable temperature of saffron is 15 ~ 18 ℃, and the indoor temperature can be controlled well after the ball is divided, which can promote the flowering.

reproduction of crocus (Crocus) in separate spheres

Seed propagation method

Saffron is not easy to seed, so it needs artificial pollination to get seeds. So if you want to adopt the method of sowing and breeding, you can go to the flower shop to buy seeds.

In spring and autumn, the seeds are directly sown in the basin, and the interval between the seeds is 5-10 cm. It is better to be thinner. Because the plant grows seed ball, it can't be changed to loosen soil within 2 years.

It takes three to four years from seed sowing to flowering. During this period, water and apply fertilizer properly.

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