Maintenance methods of Rohdea japonica in four seasons

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-05-06 09:29:55
Its maintenance method should be changed according to the seasonal change. In spring, the growth speed is fast. We need to supplement water and fertilizer. We need to water once a day and apply fertilizer once a decade. In the early spring, we need to sun more, but in the later period, we need to shade. Summer high temperature, to water, twice a day, the best placed in indoor maintenance, to avoid sunburn. In autumn, the growth rate will slow down, so we need less water, once a week, more sun and light. In winter, the most important thing is to control the temperature and avoid frostbite.

I. spring maintenance

After the temperature is stable in spring, it will enter the growth period, and the growth speed will be accelerated. At this time, it is necessary to supplement fertilizer and water. The frequency of watering is about once a day. It is better to reduce the amount of water to avoid ponding. Fertilization can be applied after new leaves are grown. Liquid fertilizer once every ten days can effectively promote growth. In addition, we should also pay attention to the light, the low temperature in early spring should be placed in a place with good light, but in the later period, we should cover the sun and not insolate it.

II. Maintenance in summer

In summer, the water evaporates quickly. It needs to be watered twice a day, sooner or later. But there is also a lot of rain in this season. We should pay attention to drainage, and there should be no ponding. In addition, the light is strong, to timely shade, the best can be placed in indoor maintenance, avoid sunburn

III. autumn maintenance

In autumn, the temperature will gradually drop, and its growth speed will gradually slow down. Therefore, the water quantity should be reduced, and watering once a week is OK. Light at this time is more appropriate, can let it more bask in the sun, put on the windowsill maintenance.

Rohdea japonica

IV. winter maintenance

In winter, the temperature is low, so it is necessary to control the water. If the basin soil is not dry, it will not be watered. When the weather is clear and sunny, it should be put in the light place. If the light is sufficient, it will produce more beautiful flowers. In addition, the most important is the temperature, it is not cold resistant, the temperature should be more than 10 degrees, otherwise it will produce frost damage, is not conducive to flowering.

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