How to transplant pothos into Hydroponics

Skyler White
2020-01-07 08:33:33
When transplanting the water culture of the pothos, cut off the branches with more gas nodes and put them in the vase with pure water. Pay more attention to the growth changes and wash the roots in time with proper watering. If you want it to grow better, you need to change water and add nutrient solution. In addition, pay attention to frequent ventilation to keep the air smooth, do not expose to the sun in strong light.

I. transplant method

1. Select the branches that are strong and vigorous, and cut them with clean scissors.

2. Find a larger vase and put clean tap water or pure water into the cut branches. The water should not be too full and cannot be immersed in the leaves.

3, about 10 days will take root, pay more attention to check whether the root will have rotten root phenomenon, if there is a timely cut with scissors.

4. Wait for about 10 days, observe that some roots of the pothos will turn black, and take it out in time and wash it with water until all the black roots are washed away.

5. After cleaning, fill the bottle and water it with a watering can. The leaves should also be watered. According to the above method, the pothos can grow well.

II. Maintenance methods

1. Water change: the newly transplanted pothos needs to change water frequently. It's better to change clean tap water or pure water once a day. After the leaves grow, the frequency of water change can be reduced, once a week.

2. Nutrient solution: if you want a better growth of pothos, you need to add nutrient solution to it. The diluted nutrient solution is watered in the water three times a month. With its later growth period, you can spray the nutrient solution on the leaves once a month.

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3. Light: it's better to breed the pothos in the astigmatism place, not in the strong light. Keeping the air flowing is more conducive to its growth.

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