How to raise purple cashmere

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-07-22 08:32:09
Purple cashmere is also a kind of succulent plant. Succulent plants are actually very well nourished, and their vitality is also quite tenacious. Moreover, purple cashmere is also a kind of plant that is very easy to change color. If the light is not enough, it will turn green. If it is often exposed to the sun, it will turn purple and red. If it lives in a low temperature environment, it can change. It's a delicate yellow color, and the maintenance of such versatile purple cashmere is also simple, without too many tedious breeding steps.

I. maintenance method

1. Temperature

Purple cashmere and many flowers like warm and comfortable environment, and do not like too wet environment, and purple cashmere can withstand the low temperature below zero, but try to keep them growing in a warm environment, or the roots may be rotten.

2. Moisture

Purple cashmere is especially suitable for lazy people. This is because purple cashmere has a first-class ability of drought resistance, especially when they are growing, there is no need to supply water. However, when the water is supplied, the root of purple cashmere must also be able to absorb water, and the soil layer must be kept wet. Generally, summer is the dormancy period of purple cashmere. At this time, it is necessary to control the amount of water and make up as little water as possible. Don't let the water in the pot to save too long

3. Soil

The pot soil for raising purple cashmere must have good air permeability, and try to make the soil loose and air permeability, so that the purple cashmere can grow freely. If you want to make the air permeability of the flower soil better, you need to add some perlite, vermiculite and other ingredients in the flower soil.

2. Precautions

Purple cashmere leaves are very easy to get sick. Generally, when the hot summer comes, they will start to grow black spots. This phenomenon is because the leaves have been exposed to strong light for a long time, or the growing environment is not ventilated enough or the air permeability is not good. In this case, don't worry too much. You can choose to spray with some medicine specially used to treat this situation or go ahead in advance. To prevent this disease, wait until new branches and leaves grow.

Purple Cashmere Leaf

If you want to breed purple cashmere, you can choose the cutting method. This method can make the flowers grow fast. The branches and leaves of purple cashmere should not be trimmed too often, so it can promote the propagation of purple cashmere branches and leaves. And purple cashmere itself is a kind of flower variety that is easy to breed, so even the novice can try to breed it.

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