How to raise passion fruit in spring

Jane Margolis
2020-07-07 09:07:07
Pruning: if the passion fruit is sown in spring, pruning is required after planting; water: spring is the growth period, and it needs to increase water properly to avoid heavy water; increase fertilization: it needs a lot of fertilizer in spring, so it needs to increase fertilization properly to ensure the demand.

I. planting

The passion fruit planted in spring grows very fast. After the planting is completed, it needs to be supported so that the main vine can go to the shed. When the length of the main vine reaches about one meter, cut off the top bud, stimulate it to grow side vines, leaving only two side vines on each side. When the length of the side vines reaches two meters, cut off the top

2. Clean up the water

The water consumption in growing period is very large, so it needs to be managed reasonably. It is drought resistant and not waterlogging resistant, but the soil is too dry, which will affect its growth. Generally, water once or twice a week, until the end of spring, the temperature rises rapidly, so it is necessary to increase the amount of water, to avoid dry branches.

Third, increase fertilization

In spring, the fertilizer consumption is serious, and the nutrients in the soil alone are far from enough, so it is necessary to meet its needs through fertilization. Its principle of fertilization is to use light nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the proportion of 2:1:4. It must not use too much nitrogen once a week. During this period, it can increase the proportion of potassium fertilizer, which can promote flower bud maturity and early results.

Passion Fruit

4. Increase the light

It is necessary to increase the amount of light in spring, which can promote the growth of branches and the accumulation of nutrients. If the light can't meet the demand, the branches will grow slowly and grow in vain. It belongs to the plant with long sunshine, and more than 12 hours of light can promote the formation of flower buds, especially after the planting in early spring, more sunlight can ensure the continuous flowering in summer.

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