How to raise cornflower in spring

Jane Margolis
2020-05-12 12:50:24
Proper pruning: the growth speed of the main branch of cornflower is faster, and the top needs to be removed to promote the growth of the side branch. Increase nutrients: it likes fertilizer, need to be topdressing in spring, the frequency is half a month. Resuming watering: in principle, watering is once a day in spring, but if the temperature is too high, it needs twice a day. Enhanced light: receive light no less than five hours a day, and shade at noon in late spring.

I. trim properly

The purpose of spring pruning is to promote the growth of new branches and concentrate nutrients. When pruning, it is necessary to cut off the top of the most prosperous main branch to avoid the top advantage. If the lateral buds grow too thick, you need to comb them a little to concentrate nutrients.

2. Increase nutrients

Spring is its growth period, and it consumes a lot of nutrients. It can't meet its needs only by the nutrients in the soil. If it is a newly planted plant, because the soil already has base fertilizer, it is necessary to increase the interval of fertilization to avoid fertilizer damage. Old plants need 15 days to apply fertilizer, fertilizer should use fertilizer with low efficiency, the purpose is to avoid fertilizer damage.

3. Resume watering

During the growing period, there is a large demand for water, which needs to be watered every day. The temperature in late spring is relatively high, and daily watering can't meet its needs. It needs to be watered in the morning and evening every day, that is, twice a day. The amount of water need not be too much, to ensure that the soil is completely wet without water.

4. Enhance the light

In spring, the demand of cornflower for sunshine is large, and the time of daily sunshine should not be less than five hours. The light in late spring is quite strong. It can be normal in the morning and afternoon, but the sun is too strong at noon. It needs proper shade


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