How to raise and stir fry Ipomoea lobata

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-05-14 12:44:17
There are four aspects to be satisfied for the explosion basin of Ipomoea lobata: first, sufficient light, proper shade in summer, and sufficient light in other periods. _The second fertilizer is sufficient, and thin liquid fertilizer is applied every half month in the growth period. The third is to ensure the water content, keep the basin soil moist and avoid water accumulation in the long term. Fourth, trim in time, cut off the upper leaves of branches, and keep 2-3 layers of leaves.

One, enough light

If you want to make Ipomoea lobata explode, you need to give it enough light. It belongs to a plant that likes enough light and can endure half shade. If you keep it in shade for a long time, it will not help it to form flower buds, and it will inhibit its flowering. In the maintenance period, in addition to the summer to be properly shaded to prevent it from being burned, other periods can give it sufficient sunlight.

2. Sufficient fertilizer

Want to let Ipomoea lobata bloom pot to have enough fertilizer, it is a kind of fertilizer loving plant, so I must ensure adequate nutrition. Some mature organic fertilizer or slow-release compound fertilizer can be mixed into the soil. In the growth period, you can apply thin liquid fertilizer to it every half month.

3. Ensure moisture content.

Goldfish Chlorophytum is a kind of water loving plant. The basin soil should be kept moist and the surrounding environment humidity should be sufficient. If put it in too dry or long-term water shortage, as well as basin soil long-term water accumulation, will cause root system injury, affect flowering.

give it plenty of sunshine in other periods

4. Trim in time

In order to prune the Ipomoea lobata in time, its branches are relatively long and should be pruned in time. Generally, 2-3 layers of leaves are reserved on each branch, and the upper part is cut off, and more branches will sprout on the remaining leaf buds below. In order to time there will be a lot of branches in the pot, grow to a certain volume, in the appropriate flowering period, after flowering, it will achieve a burst pot effect

We prune its branches in time.

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