How to plant Buttercup seeds

Saul Goodman
2020-07-18 10:35:14
To plant Ranunculus japonicus, seed selection is very important. It is necessary to select the full seeds from healthy mother plants. Sowing is best in autumn. Before sowing, it is necessary to accelerate germination at low temperature. Soil is also very important, to use loose, fertile, slightly acidic soil. The seeds can be sown about ten days after treatment, evenly spread on the soil surface, and then control the temperature and humidity.

1. Seed harvesting

To choose a good seed, we should first determine a mother plant, and then strengthen management. After the flowers open, they should be pollinated artificially. Use a brush as a tool to smear pollen. After that, we should pay special attention to the fertilizer and water management of this mother plant, and treat the diseases and insect pests in time. In this way, we can grow full seeds. After the seeds are well developed, they can be picked and put in paper bags in ventilated and dry places.

2. Time selection

It's best in autumn, usually in October. It's best to plant after the temperature drops to 20 degrees, when the survival rate is high. However, according to the differences in different regions, there will be subtle differences in time

3. Seed treatment

Before sowing, the seeds must be treated. Generally speaking, it is the method of using low temperature to promote germination. Wrap the seeds in gauze, put them in cold water for a whole day, and then refrigerate them in a refrigerator of eight to ten degrees.

4. Selection of soil

It is better to have loose, fertile and acid soil. It can be mixed with garden soil, sand soil and animal manure. The proportion is about 5:3:1.

5. Sowing and subsequent maintenance

After the seeds have been treated, they can be sown in about ten days. The seeds should be spread evenly on the surface of the soil. After that, we need to control the temperature, about 15 to 20 degrees. In addition, humidity should be ensured. The light should not be too strong.

A sprouting buttercup.

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