How to make Lucky Bamboo take root quickly

Jesse Pinkman
2020-06-11 09:29:22
Before the rapid rooting of Lucky Bamboo can be started, the redundant leaves at the root of the plant can be removed and a small opening on the slope of the root can be cut; the number of water changes can also be reduced to give the plant a buffer time; after the plant starts rooting, a small amount of compound fertilizer should be added to make the leaves bright; the place with good light should be selected to maintain appropriate temperature and humidity.

1. Remove the blade

Before planting, remove the extra leaves from the roots of the plant, and cut a small opening on the slope of the roots, so that the roots of the plant can contact the water surface to the greatest extent. It is also necessary to keep the section neat and smooth, so that it can receive nutrition more easily, and it is also conducive to faster rooting.

2. Reduce the number of water changes

After the completion of the basic operation of water conservation, it is necessary to buffer for a period of time so that it can better adapt to the environment, so at this time, it is better not to move it or change water frequently. Only when the water evaporates, resulting in the reduction of water volume, the water can be changed. Changing water too often is easy to cause leaf malnutrition.

3. Fertilizer selection

After the plant begins to take root, it is necessary to add a small amount of compound fertilizer, which can make the leaves bright, the roots strong and grow well. But without fertilization, the growth of plants will not be optimistic. But in the fertilization time also cannot excessive situation, otherwise will appear burns the root phenomenon, or is the white long pole, not beautiful.

4. Environment selection

Generally, the place with good light should be selected, and the temperature and humidity should be properly maintained. Note that this kind of plant is not allowed to blow, so don't put it next to the air conditioner, TV, fan and other electrical appliances, so as to avoid the yellow leaves.

Fu Gui Zhu

5. Pest control

If you want to grow well, you need to prevent pests in time. At the same time, you can spray medicine inside and outside. You can use auxin such as xinzhisu or zhishibao to prevent it, so as to promote the growth balance, thick leafy and stem, and maintain good growth. /p>

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