How to make Hydrangea open in Spring Festival

Gustavo Fring
2020-08-31 11:00:03
To make the hydrangea bloom in the Spring Festival, first of all, the plants need to be strong, and then the pots need to be changed after flowering in June and August, with sufficient base fertilizer. In high temperature weather, the soil should be properly shaded and kept moist without water accumulation. Organic fertilizer should be applied once 15 days after new leaves are grown, and P and K fertilizer should be applied about 10 days after autumn. The temperature is controlled at 10 ℃ in October and 20 ℃ at the end of November.

In order to make the hydrangea bloom before and after the Spring Festival, it is impossible to make its own adjustment, which needs manual treatment.

Selected plants

In order to ensure the Spring Festival flowering, the plant must be robust and the branches should be evenly distributed. The selected plant ensures that the flower bud has been differentiated. For example, a pot plant with a pot diameter of about 20 cm has at least 4-6 branches. Such plants store certain nutrients themselves, which will not wither in winter.

Turn basin to change soil

After flowering in June to August, the plants should be turned over in time for soil replacement. Ensure that the soil is loose and rich in humus. Before potting, apply enough basal fertilizer and prune the plant. Leave 1-2 nodes for each branch to reduce nutrient loss.

If we choose cutting seedlings, we need to go through heart picking treatment to avoid too many branches in winter and too fast nutrient diversion. In the process of pruning, the branches with good growth should be kept to ensure the plump and even plant shape.

Hydrangea macrophylla

Proper maintenance

To ensure that the plants have sufficient light, 7-8 strong moonlight, the plants should be placed on the north balcony, appropriate shade.

Keep the soil moist, but do not accumulate water. When the temperature is high in August, spray water properly to cool down. It can control the water until the leaves wilt in the evening, and then irrigate the water for several times, which can promote the growth of the plant and the accumulation of nutrients.

After growing new leaves, apply organic fertilizer once every 15 days. After autumn, the light decreased. At this time, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer were applied once every 10-15 days until the flower bud differentiation ended.

white Hydrangea

Adjusting temperature

Flower bud differentiation is completed in late September, and careful maintenance is required in October. Remove the old leaves of the plant and put them into the cold chamber. Control the temperature at 10 ℃ and reduce watering. The plants were removed from the cold chamber in 40-60 days, that is, in the middle and late November.

Put the plant in the greenhouse, raise the temperature to 20 ℃, and maintain sufficient moisture and air humidity. After growing new leaves, apply organic fertilizer once in 7-10 days, apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer twice or three times after budding, and bloom in 50-60 days.

After calculating the time, the flowering can be controlled by adjusting the temperature. Reduce the temperature will be delayed, increase the temperature will be early, to ensure that the temperature control between 10 ~ 28 ℃, flowering absolutely no problem!

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