How to make celery leaf and peony bloom every year

Saul Goodman
2020-01-04 10:53:55
We all know that when it blooms, it is extremely beautiful. The flower type is like a peony. The variety of flowers and colors, coupled with the excellent foliage, are simply beautiful! It is a very popular indoor flower nowadays. If you want to make it bloom so beautiful every year, how to do it? Let me give you some tips today.

1. Selection of flower soil and flower apparatus

When choosing soil, we prefer loose and fertile alkaline soil. Here, we can mix rotten leaf soil, garden soil, river sand and so on. After preparation, it should be exposed to the sun for a few days to facilitate full sterilization. When choosing flowerpots, it is best to use transparent purple sand basin or pottery basin, but flowerpots should not be too large.

2. Control of light temperature

It is very fond of the half shade environment. When it is cultured indoors, it is best to put it on the east facing balcony, so that it can not only receive sufficient light in the morning, but also avoid the hot sun at noon. It likes the low temperature environment. When controlling the temperature, it is best to keep it at 15 ℃ to 20 ℃ and above 10 ℃ in winter. Only in this way can the next year bloom.

3. Supply of water and fertilizer

It likes to be wet, especially before the flowers open, to ensure that the water is sufficient, do not appear the phenomenon of water shortage, otherwise it will be difficult to bloom in small plants. When watering, pay attention not to cause ponding in the basin, otherwise it will cause rotten roots. It likes fertilizer very much. When spring comes, it will be in the best period of growth. At this time, there will be stems on its plants. When we give it fertilizer, we should be more frequent, with the best once a week, and with the application of foliar fertilizer.

4. Treatment after flower

Many people will be careless after they spend it, but they don't know. At this time, they should deal with it in time and take good care of it, so as to open more flowers in the next year. Usually, it will arrive at the dormancy period after flowering. At this time, we need to cut off the residual flowers on its branches, then water them fully, and apply a phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, so that the underground roots can get more nutrition, and lay the foundation for more flowers in the next year

5. Daily maintenance

First of all, after it is planted, sufficient water should be poured on it so that the root and soil can fully connect, and the plant can better absorb water and nutrients. Then, when you change pots for it every year, you should keep one or two buds on the root, and put them in the shade for a week after transplanting, and then you can move them to a place full of light.

Celery leaf peony

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