How to make carnation tea

Saul Goodman
2019-12-16 11:07:32
Carnation tea can not only whiten and wrinkle, but also clear your eyes and eliminate your troubles. It's popular with everyone. So how to make it? In fact, it's very simple. First, choose three or four carnation flowers. Pay attention to the fresh ones instead of the old ones, and then make them with boiling water. It doesn't take too long. Three or four minutes.

1. The benefits of this drink

Its effect and function are embodied in many aspects. First of all, the most important thing is beauty. It can make the skin white and remove the wrinkles and spots on it, that is to say, it also has the function of anti-aging. In this respect, female friends will like it very much. In addition, it can calm the mind, clear the heart, clear the eyes, eliminate inflammation and annoyance. We can drink it when we feel very tired or fidgety. Again, it has the function of appetizing. If we feel indigestion, we can also drink it. In addition, it also has significant functions in relieving headache and other phenomena.

It also contains many nutrients, which can speed up the flow of blood. In other words, the metabolism of the human body will be faster, and the elimination of toxins will be correspondingly faster. In this way, the endocrine will be regulated. There is also the function of quenching thirst and cough. If the cough is severe, it can also be used. The last one is also very important, is to regulate the fat content in the blood, and then help lose weight.

2. Its bubble method

The specific approach is very simple. Choose three or four fresh carnation flowers and make them in boiling water. It doesn't take too long. Three or four minutes. Isn't it a surprise that it's so simple and has so many effects? Everyone can bubble, if you are interested, try it

3. Its common collocation

We can make tea not only with carnations, but also with other flowers. For example, "violet", "don't forget me", "Peony", "Cranberry", "Rose king", etc.


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