How to maintain the flowers in Phnom Penh

Saul Goodman
2020-02-24 11:10:16
Put it in the place with light, reduce the temperature to about 5 ℃, increase the water content, can make the florescence extend. When flowering, the roots are easy to attract ants and earthworms, so we should pay attention to prevention and control. Prune the sick and old leaves properly, and reserve enough nutrients for the flowers.

Brightening and cooling

When they bloom, they will bloom very exuberantly. At this time, they can be placed in a sunny place to make the flowers more fragrant. add a beautiful thing to a contrasting beautiful thing. At the same time, reduce the temperature of its living space to about 5 ℃, which can prolong the flowering period and make Daphne Phnom Penh show its beauty for a longer time.

Prune branches and leaves

The germination ability of this kind of flower is strong, and it can be properly pruned after flowering, which has made its appearance more beautiful and enhanced its growth. Therefore, after flowering, you can use scissors to remove the branches and leaves that are not well developed, grow too dense, or are not conducive to the overall beauty, so that they look more shaped.

Avoid pests

When Daphne odora bloom in Phnom Penh, its roots will give off a good smell, which is easy to attract ants, earthworms, etc., and it will be eaten by them, so it is necessary to carry out pest control. In addition, the virus-induced mosaic will also threaten the normal growth of Daphne odora after anthesis. The disease will make its leaves grow color spots and deformation, resulting in failure to bloom and grow normally. Therefore, once the symptoms of mosaic are found, it is necessary to remove the roots in time and burn them to avoid spreading.

Daphne odora var. Marginata plant

To sum up, the flowers of Daphne odora in Phnom Penh can be more luxuriant and fragrant by providing proper light and reducing temperature. Proper pruning of branches and leaves is beneficial to its better growth and graceful posture. In addition, timely control of diseases and insect pests is the guarantee of its normal growth after flowering. I hope you can keep these things in mind, and let the Daphne odora in Phnom Penh decorate the world for a long time.

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