How to keep roses in the water

Walter White
2020-06-01 08:39:23
Prepare container: find a vase suitable for water conservation, disinfect it before use and clean it. Simple pruning: the dead leaves and yellow leaves on the rose branches are cut off, and a section of them is obliquely cut off at the bottom. Water Nourishment: put the rose into the vase, add some water, and then add some nutrition liquid. Later maintenance: do not be directly exposed to the sun during water maintenance, and replace it in time after the water becomes dirty.

I. prepare the container

If you want to keep roses in water, you should first prepare a suitable vase, and disinfect it before use to avoid bacteria inside. After disinfection, rinse with water and put some clean water in it.

2. Simple trimming

Before water cultivation, it is mainly to prune the dried leaves, yellow leaves and the leaves at the lower end of the rose branches, because the leaves cannot be immersed in the water, which is easy to rot and pollute the water quality. The bottom of the flower branch should also be trimmed into a 45 ° diagonal shape, so as to increase the water absorption capacity.

3. Water conservation

After the above work is ready, insert the rose into the vase. If there is little water, add some appropriately. The water level is the best at the stem. If possible, you can add some nutrient solution, diluted beer or a small amount of white sugar

IV. later maintenance

During the period of water cultivation, it is not allowed to be directly exposed to the sun. The cultivation environment should be well ventilated to avoid maintenance in a hot and stuffy place. And regular water change, it is best to change the dirty water as soon as possible, if not for a long time, the water quality will be poor, which will lead to the withering of roses.


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