How to grow strawberries

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-07-04 23:34:49
The soil to be used should be prepared before planting. It is better to meet the requirements of good air permeability, looseness and slight acidity. The flowerpot should not be too small. It can be planted with seedlings or seeds. The seedlings should have some roots and leaves as much as possible. The seeds should be put into the water first to promote germination, and only when they are exposed can they be sown. After the treatment, it can be planted, buried with soil and watered properly.

I. soil preparation

Before planting, prepare the soil for use. Strawberry is suitable for growing in acid soil with good air permeability and looseness. Flowerpots are best with drainage holes, and the growth space should not be too small. You can put a layer of small stones in the bottom of the basin to enhance the air permeability.

2. Select seedlings

To choose the seedlings with good growth status as much as possible, it is better to have some roots and leaves on them, so that they will grow more easily. Don't hurt the roots of strawberries. Try to have some soil. Or use seeds to plant, put the purchased seeds into warm water, stir and soak them, take them out, put them into gauze to promote sprouting, and then plant them in dew.

3. Planting

If it is planted with seedlings, put the selected strawberry seedlings directly into the pot soil and fix them. If use seed to plant, want to seed even some sow good, and cover it with a layer of soil, appropriate water went..

IV. precautions

When planting seedlings, do not plant them too deep, just bury their roots in the soil. And should be poured after planting pervious, do not water too much, it can not absorb is very easy to rot.


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