How to fertilize cornflower

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-05-12 12:50:24
Cornflower belongs to chrysanthemum, which is a very common flower. A careful observation of many places shows the shadow of cornflower. Cornflower usually has light purple flowers, and its fragrance is also very long, so it has a high degree of appreciation. Many families and horticulture have it. The adaptability of cornflower is also very strong, it is very easy to breed, but it also needs to be given certain fertilizer, how to apply fertilizer? Many flower friends may not be very clear. Let's take you to know.

I. The fertilization method of cornflower

1. Cornflower likes fertile soil, and the soil is relatively loose, so cornflower likes certain fertilizer very much, but it can't like to apply fertilizer in large amount. It's better to follow the principle of good fertilization, apply thin fertilizer, and apply fertilizer frequently.

2. When transplanting or planting cornflower, fertilization should be done before planting. This time, basal fertilizer should be applied to ensure the growth and development of cornflower.

3. During the growth period of cornflower, the fertilization is relatively strict. Liquid fertilizer should be applied every half a month, but attention should be paid to the balance of nutrition in the process of fertilization. Avoid the situation that large amount of nitrogen fertilizer leads to insufficient phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, so as to ensure stronger plants, stronger stems, more flowers and more plump and beautiful flowers.

4. The fertilization method in growth period is different from that in growth period. Generally, fertilizer is applied once a month, but it must be thin fertilizer. When the leaves grow luxuriant, to reduce the application of nitrogen fertilizer, until flowering before you can do more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, so you can get a large diameter flower.

What kind of fertilizer does cornflower use?

When applying fertilizer to cornflower, we should pay attention to the rational distribution of proportion, and ensure the proportion of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. First of all, you must choose a fertilizer of good quality and quality to ensure that the nutrients are complete, especially the content of P and K fertilizer to get a certain amount, so that it is conducive to its flowering and fruit. When applying fertilizer, we should also pay attention to whether it needs to be diluted, how many times diluted, so as to ensure the content of fertilizer, otherwise the content is too high and easy to burn the root.

A field of cornflower

Here's how to fertilize cornflower. I hope this article can help you, and pay more attention to planting later, so that we can breed better

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