How to divide raw stone flowers

Jane Margolis
2020-07-13 13:15:09
Rametting is one of the main ways of propagation of Lithocarpus, which is easy to operate and has a great chance of success. In the process of its growth, it will grow some tender leaves from the middle part, which are the materials we use for ramets. Prepare the substrate, cut the leaves from the base, plant them separately, and carefully maintain them for rooting.

I. It can be propagated by plants.

Raw stone flower can be propagated in different plants, which is one of its main ways. This way of breeding is relatively simpler than the other way, seeding, and the waiting time is shorter. If sowing is used, it will take a long time from collection, sowing to growing up. With this way of reproduction, the probability of survival is relatively high

Second, the steps of dividing plants

1. Materials for plant division: during the growth of raw stone flowers, some young leaves will grow in the middle part, and then the old leaves will gradually crack and tend to die. The growth rate of these young leaves is very fast. After about two or three months, they will be replaced by another round of new leaves. And these newly grown tender leaves are the main materials used in the method of branching.

2. Preparation of substrate and flowerpot: the substrate should be loose, fertile and breathable, which will also help the success rate. Flowerpots should also be air permeable and have holes at the bottom. You can prepare more flowerpots

3. Dividing steps: cut the tender leaves from the base, and plant them in different pots according to the size.

4. After maintenance: the temperature is about 20 ℃. In addition, it should be placed in a ventilated and semi overcast place without too strong light. It's easier to survive.

Raw Stone Flower

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