How to breed pothos in winter

Jane Margolis
2019-12-27 07:39:24
Keep warm: when the temperature is lower, it should be moved to a warmer place, especially in the evening, not to be blown by the cold wind. Water supply: proper water supply is also needed in winter, but the water temperature should be well controlled to avoid too cold water. Room temperature: the indoor temperature is about 10 ℃. If it's too cold, put plastic bags on it to keep warm. Light: the maintenance position should see the sun, and try to breed on the balcony.

I. keep warm

If we want to make it through the winter smoothly, we must do a good job in keeping warm. If we keep it in a cold environment, it will appear frostbite and grow worse. When the temperature drops, we should transfer it to a warm place, especially at night, it must not be blown by the cold wind. Be careful not to put it next to the air conditioner or heating.

II. Water supply

Although the water evaporation is slow in winter, it also needs proper water supply. However, it is necessary to strictly control the water quantity and supply water properly after the soil dries. Moreover, the water temperature should also be maintained on the basis of no ice but no heat, and the normal temperature water placed indoors can be used. Basin soil can't be too wet, appear after seeper, it can yellow leaf, rotten root..

Room temperature

Usually when it comes to winter, it will move to the indoor to raise. At this time, the temperature will become very important. The minimum temperature should also be kept at about 10 degrees. Too low is not good for it to spend the winter. If the temperature can't reach, we should put a plastic bag on the pothos, which can also play a role in keeping out the cold, but we should pay attention to the ventilation for this warm keeping method, and can't wrap it for a long time.

4. Light

It is relatively sunny, in winter to increase the time and intensity of light, when the light is not too strong, even in the sun all day will not burn. Let it more bask in the sun, in fact, it can improve the temperature to a certain extent.

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