Pothos leaves turning yellow? Teach you a trick. It's hard to get yellow!

Gustavo Fring
2020-07-30 08:41:42
Pothos, almost every family has a basin, can't do it, it's so easy to raise! However, there are always some flower friends who have problems with the cultivation of pothoss, such as yellow leaves... Today, Huahua will give you a detailed explanation of the reasons for the green and yellow leaves and solutions!

1 water shortage.

Performance: the tip and edge of the leaf are dry and yellow, the new tender leaves are normal, but the old leaves in the lower part are yellow and fall off.

Solution: immediately water, one-time pouring, must see the water from the hole below.

Too much water

Performance: the whole leaf is dull, the color is yellow, and the new leaf grows, the top part of the tip shrinks.

Solution: stop watering, loosen the soil with a shovel or hook, and put it in a place with sufficient scattered light and good ventilation, so that the water can evaporate as soon as possible.

3 lighting problems

Performance: both new and old leaves are yellow as a whole. If burn marks are found on the leaves, the light is very strong

Solution: put in the bright living room, scattering light enough, and do not receive direct sunlight!

Too much fat

Performance: the leaves are plump, but dull, and the lower old leaves begin to turn yellow and fall off.

Solution: just found that fertilization is too much, you can use water to wash basin soil, so that excess fertilizer dissolved in the water, and then along the water flow out of the small hole below.

If fertilization is discovered after a long time, then it can only be changed

In the future, we should pay attention to thin fertilizer and apply it frequently.

Too little fat

Performance: the color of the leaves of the pothos becomes light green, and then slowly turns yellow. Generally, it starts from the leaves at the root, and then slowly spreads to the top leaves.

Solution: at ordinary times, you can water the ripe water of Taomi, doubing and so on. The ratio of Taomi water to flower is 1:4, 1-2 times a week. The ratio of doubing water to water is 1:50, 1 time a week.

Put some slow-release fertilizer into the pothos when changing pots, or a handful of slow-release fertilizer in about 1 month, but it can't touch the root of the pothos.

6 rotten roots.

Performance: yellow leaves, lodging, wilting, more serious and even can see the stem has rotted.

Solution: if the rotten root is not very serious, cut off the rotten part of the root, sterilize it, and then put it in the basin again. Note that the basin soil should be replaced with a new one.

Rotten root is very strong. Select healthy branches, sterilize them and then cut them again, or water.

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