Can succulents be grown in a stuffy state

Skyler White
2020-01-20 13:20:07
Most kinds of meat can not be stuffy, such as Crassulaceae. What can be smothered is mainly cactus family and jade dew, which can be directly buckled on the meat with a transparent plastic cup, pierced with a toothpick at the top, or in a completely closed state. After a period of smothered cultivation, the lid can be opened for ventilation, and then the smothered cultivation can be continued.

Can you keep it?

It sounds like the two are contradictory. In fact, there is a contradiction, but for different varieties, there is a suffocation. The meat of Crassulaceae, ventilation is more important, don't think about stuffy cultivation, suitable for stuffy cultivation is cactus and jade dew.

Can succulent plants be smothered?

How to keep it?

As the saying goes, "wear fur coat early, wear gauze at noon, and eat watermelon around the stove." the reason why Xinjiang's fruits are sweet is because of the huge temperature difference sooner or later. Therefore, it is the same principle that the meat is stuffy. If the temperature difference is large, the color of the meat will be more beautiful.

You can use the plastic cup that can be seen everywhere for the meat in your home. The transparent one can be buckled directly on the meat, and a few holes can be pierced with toothpicks at the top, or it can be completely closed. After a period of stuffy cultivation, you can open the lid for ventilation, and then continue to stuffy cultivation.

Can succulent plants be smothered?

Matters needing attention

First of all, if you want to speed up, you can't put the stuffy meat in the sun, which will cause the temperature to be too high. So hot summer do not stuffy raise, winter is more suitable.

Secondly, the meat that has just been watered should be ventilated first, and then stuffy raised after the water is absorbed.

Finally, the long-term suffocation will lead to the decrease of meat antibody. Therefore, in the season with high temperature, it is necessary to maintain the meat normally.

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