Can duck foot wood be cut in summer

Saul Goodman
2020-07-05 18:55:31
You can choose to do it in early summer, but avoid midsummer, because the temperature is too high at this time, which will affect the survival rate. It is suggested that we should try to choose spring or autumn when cutting, and the best temperature is about 15-25 ℃. The southern region can be carried out around April, while the northern region can be a little later.

I. can cutting be done?

Duck foot wood can be cutted in summer, but should avoid the midsummer period, can choose the early summer time. When the temperature is too high, cutting is not allowed, which will affect the survival rate. The most suitable cuttage rate is about 15-25 ℃. It is suggested that you cut in spring or autumn, and the branches are easy to survive.

However, each flower friend is located in a different region, and the most suitable time for cutting is also different. Living in the South can be around April, the north can be a little later

2. Cutting method

1. Prepare branches: cut the more robust branches from the plants in good growth state, about 10-15cm. Check it before use. There should be no damage or eggs on it.

2. Disinfect the soil: prepare a flowerpot of suitable size, and put a layer of small stones on the bottom. Disinfect the soil to be used and put it into a flowerpot for future use.

3. Treatment of branches: remove all the leaves at the bottom of the branches, and keep 2-3 leaves at the top. It can be disinfected, dried and soaked in rooting water for a while.

4. Cutting: carefully insert the treated branches into the soil about 3-5cm deep, and fix the branches with the soil.

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