How to clean the leaves of orchids?

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Solanum nigrum is a kind of clock flower. Its flowering period is from September to October every year. During this period, at about six o'clock in the morning, Solanum nigrum will slowly open its petals. The color of the corolla is white, the filament is relatively short, and the anther inside is yellow. Solanum nigrum is an annual herb of Solanaceae and Solanum, originating in China, likes to grow in warm and humid places, and grows in roadside, fields and other places.

1. Rainwater flushing

It is said that spring rain is as precious as oil. It can be seen that spring rain is the softest of the four seasons. In spring, you can move the orchids outdoors and wash them with the continuous drizzle from nature. The dust on the orchid leaves will be washed away with the rain.

2. Watering can rinse

In case of heavy rainstorms in other seasons, it is not suitable to wash orchids. You can find a big vat to accumulate rainwater and put it into a fine watering can to simulate spring rain to wash the leaves of orchids. It is not enough to pay attention. When using the watering can to wash the leaves of plants, you must pay attention to the maintenance and ventilation of the environment.

3. Watering Method

When watering orchids, the first thing to do is to let the water fall from the sky, that is, rain water, and the second thing is to let the river water fall from the sky. When the conditions are really bad, the second best thing to do is to use the tap water that has been dried in the sun.When watering, use a fine-nozzle watering can to wet the whole orchid, not the big ladle in the center of the pot.Watering time is also exquisite, usually in the summer to water in the morning and evening, do not water at noon, so as not to affect the growth of orchids.Autumn and winter season can not pour cold water, to water in advance to dry good water.As for the method of watering flowers in pots, it is usually used for orchid seedlings just potted, and adult orchids are best watered with clean water.


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