Why are the leaves of a pothos in a pot particularly green?

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The peel water can be prepared by mixing various fruit peels with rice washing water and brown sugar, and the mixing ratio of the fruit peels, the rice washing water and the brown sugar is usually 3:10:1. Then filling the mixed solution of the peel water into a plastic barrel which is 2/3 of the height of the barrel. Then tighten the lid of the barrel, open the lid and deflate it every day in the early stage, until there is no gas in the barrel, and there is no odor in the peel water, which means that the peel water is fermented successfully and can be watered for flowers.

a small amount of fertilizer

Some of the leaves in a pot of green radish are very green, probably caused by slight overfertilization.When slightly fertilized, the individual leaves of the green radish will thicken, the color will become dark green, and the surface of the leaves will feel uneven.If the green radish is supplemented with fertilizer and water, it is likely to cause serious fertilizer damage and make the green radish appear yellow and withered leaves.In view of the slight fertilizer damage of the green radish, as long as we stop fertilizing and continue normal maintenance, there will be no impact on the green radish.

2. uneven fertilization

Some of the leaves of the green radish in a pot are particularly green, which is probably caused by uneven fertilization when foliar fertilizer is applied.For example, when potassium dihydrogen phosphate is sprayed on the leaves of green radish, some leaves receive more fertilizer and water.In the absence of excessive fertilization, the leaves with sufficient fertilizer and water will grow more robust, larger and greener.

3. Uneven illumination

Some leaves of the green radish in a pot are particularly green, which may also be caused by uneven light.First of all, to ensure that the plant is fully photosynthesized, the chlorophyll in the body of the green radish will be more, and the leaves of the green radish will be greener.For the leaves of green radish with insufficient light, the color of the leaves is relatively light, so the maintenance should be often potted to ensure that the plants receive the same light.Green radish for full photosynthesis, the leaf color of the plant will be more green, but also to avoid sun exposure, lest the plant sunburn.

Green dill

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