Cautions for repotting of pothos

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Shenyang belongs to temperate semi-humid continental climate, four seasons, abundant rain, so for most of the common flowers, are more suitable for planting in Shenyang. For example, rose, mountain peach, acacia, cherry blossom, lotus, crabapple, Spiraea, tree Caragana, clove, Weigela, elm leaf plum, wind box fruit, yellow rose, phlox, Dutch chrysanthemum, red string, Sedum, marigold, coleus, Bauhinia, azalea, forsythia, hydrangea, hibiscus, magnolia, purple leaf plum, hosta, day Lily and so on.

1. pay attention to time

The repotting of green plants is not too limited to the time. It can be repotted all the year round. However, in order to reduce the damage to the plants, it is better to take the pots faster after repotting. It is best to choose the period with mild climate. Spring is the best, and autumn is also OK.Summer and winter do not recommend repotting, summer temperature is too high, water evaporation speed is very fast, in case of root injury will lose a lot of water.In winter, the temperature is low and it is not easy to take pots.

2. Selection of Pot Soil

Repot it, taking care to choose the right pot and soil.The flowerpot should be a little bigger than before, so that it can better accommodate the growth of green radish, make the growth better, the root system can extend normally, you can choose pottery basin or purple sand basin.The soil should be prepared in advance, and can be mixed with rotten leaf soil, sandy soil and garden soil to ensure that the soil used is loose, breathable and nutritious.

3. Removal of basin

Stop watering it a few days in advance and keep the soil dry, which will separate the soil from the walls of the pot.Moving to an open position, taking the green radish plant out of the flowerpot, removing the old soil and the old soil attached to the roots, leaving the protective soil, and cutting off the dead roots, the old roots and the over-dense roots.

4. Potting

Place small stones at the bottom of the flowerpot, fill the soil in, dig a small pit, plant the green radish plant in, cover the soil and gently press it, raise it in a cool and ventilated place, and irrigate it with small water to supplement water.

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