How to raise flowers in winter, how to wither?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
You need to fertilize when you plant, and you also need to fertilize when you are growing and flowering. The base fertilizer used in planting is mainly solid fertilizer, organic liquid fertilizer can be used in growth period, and potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be used before and after flowering period. Base fertilizer needs to be mixed evenly with the soil, organic liquid fertilizer and potassium dihydrogen phosphate remember to dilute first, and then fertilize; Organic liquid fertilizer is applied once a month or so, potassium dihydrogen phosphate is applied once a week before flowering and once after flowering. It is better to loosen the soil the day before fertilization.

1. how to raise flowers in winter when good luck comes

1. Illumination: The illumination in winter is warm and soft. The household should be placed in a place with sufficient illumination. More sunshine is conducive to the accumulation of nutrients in the plant and more flowering.

2. Temperature: The most suitable growth temperature for Hongyun Dangtou is 15-25 . In winter, the climate is cold. Hongyun Dangtou should be placed indoors for curing. Ensure that the curing temperature is above 10 . If the temperature is too low, water less.

3. Watering: When there is a shortage of water, the leaves of the plant will curl inward. You can weigh the weight of the potting soil with your hands at ordinary times. When you feel that it is obviously lighter, water it thoroughly once, and slowly water it until water flows out.

4. Attention: In winter, if the temperature is low, the root system of the plant can not absorb the fertilizer, but it is easy to produce fertilizer damage.In addition, in winter, when the temperature is the best at noon, windows should be opened frequently for ventilation.

2. what to do when the good fortune withers

Good luck when the head withered, leaves curled, mostly due to the maintenance of the environment is too dry, no water in the leaf cup caused.The leaf cup of Hongyun Dangtou is the cup-shaped water-holding structure at the base of the leaf. When watering Hongyun Dangtou at ordinary times, water should be poured into the leaf cup, and water should be kept in the leaf cup all the time, so as to prevent the plant from withering.

It is a metaphor for a great fortune.

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