Lily fertilizing methods, what kind of fertilizer is better?

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Fertilizing Rhododendron can be divided into base fertilizer and topdressing, base fertilizer is used when planting, topdressing is used in the growth period. Some solid fertilizer can be used for base fertilizer, and liquid fertilizer and foliar fertilizer can be used for top dressing. Base fertilizer is directly mixed into the soil, liquid fertilizer and foliar fertilizer are best diluted, and then reused; The frequency of fertilization can be determined according to the volume of Rhododendron, and the number of fertilization for seedlings can be less. Attention should be paid to the best time to fertilize in the morning or afternoon, noon is not suitable for fertilization.

1. Fertilization time

Lily needs more fertilizer, so fertilization is more important in its maintenance.First of all, when planting pots, you can use some base fertilizer in an appropriate amount.Furthermore, from the beginning of spring germination, it is its growth period, which requires appropriate topdressing.

2. Types of Fertilizers

The base fertilizer mainly uses some solid fertilizers, such as animal dung and so on.Topdressing can use some decomposed organic fertilizer, can not use raw fertilizer, must use decomposed fertilizer.

3. Fertilization Methods

1. After preparing the base fertilizer and soil, mix them together, then fill the pot, and then put the plant in.Pay attention to the amount of base fertilizer can not be too much, otherwise the plant will not easily adapt to the new environment, but also easy to rot roots.When topdressing is used, you can dig part of the soil on the edge of the flowering pot, then put the decomposed organic fertilizer in, and then fill in part of the soil, the amount can not be too much.

2. Fertilize the lilies once every two weeks.If the Lily has obvious malnutrition, it can be once a week.

4. Precautions

Do not fertilize during the dormancy period. Dormancy may occur if the temperature is too high or too low.Furthermore, when it is just in the flowering period, do not fertilize.


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