Peony fertilizes a method, with what fertilizer is good

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Silver Queen is suitable for growing in a warm environment, and can be placed in an environment where the temperature is maintained at about 22 degrees Celsius when it is just bought. At this time, it is better to water less than more, and wait until the soil is dry before watering. Fertilization is not needed at present. It should also be noted that scattered light can be given at present, but it can not be directly placed in the sun for maintenance, in order to avoid it being burned by strong light.

1. Fertilization time

Peony flowers have certain requirements for fertilizer, and proper fertilizer is helpful for its growth and flowering.Fertilization is mainly needed three times a year, once before flowering, once after flowering, and the last time before winter.

2. Types of Fertilizers

The fertilizer before and after flowering is mainly liquid fertilizer, especially the liquid fertilizer containing more phosphorus elements should be used before flowering, and the liquid fertilizer used after flowering should pay attention to a variety of nutrients to supplement the consumed nutrients.Solid compost can be used before winter, which is conducive to next year's growth.

3. Fertilization Methods

The liquid fertilizer before and after flowering needs to be diluted before use. Too thick fertilizer is not conducive to growth and flowering, but will cause damage to the root system of the plant and affect its normal growth.The specific proportion of dilution can be determined according to the specification.After dilution, it is applied to the soil surface.Then there is the compost used in winter, which can be mixed into the soil or applied to the surface of the soil.

4. Precautions

The specific time to fertilize peony flowers can be in the morning or evening of a day.At noon, the temperature will be relatively high, which is not suitable for fertilization.


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