Jasmine fertilizes a method, with what fertilizer is good?

Skyler White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Small dahlia like sunshine, suitable for growth in a mild climate, just bought back when it has not returned to normal growth, it needs to be placed in the temperature of about 22 C environment to maintain. There is no need to apply fertilizer for the time being, and proper watering can not allow water to accumulate in the basin. It can be placed in a place with scattered light, but do not take care of it directly in the sun, otherwise it will be sunburned.

1. Fertilization time

Generally speaking, jasmine needs more fertilizer.Fertilization is needed both when it is planted and during its growth period from spring to autumn.Moreover, when winter comes, special fertilization is needed.

2. Types of Fertilizers

When planting, the main fertilizer is some solid fertilizer, such as manure.During the growth period, some liquid fertilizer, such as alum fertilizer water, can be used.There are also fertilizers used before winter, which can be potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, which can improve the cold resistance.

3. Fertilization Methods

1. When the solid fertilizer is used, it needs to be evenly mixed with the prepared substrate, and then the plants are planted in the soil.The liquid fertilizer used in the growth period needs to be added with water and then applied, and the ratio of water to fertilizer can be controlled at about 9:1.

2. Jasmine needs more fertilizer, so the frequency of fertilization should be higher, about once a week.However, if there are more rainy days in the season, or high temperature season, it is necessary to reduce the frequency of fertilization, less fertilization.

4. Precautions

1. When the jasmine is in the dormant period, it is better to apply less fertilizer or not to apply fertilizer directly.

2. The specific time of fertilization is also required. Try to fertilize in the morning or afternoon, not at noon.


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