pothos fertilizes a method, with what fertilizer is good?

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2020-11-16 11:23:35
In order to grow vigorously and provide suitable soil, Zhaocai Tree can mix humus soil, garden soil and river sand soil, apply certain organic fertilizer, and change pots once a year or two. The material of the flowerpot should be breathable and have space to accommodate growth. Maintenance can not lack of sunlight, give adequate astigmatism. Watering follows the dry and wet, timely watering in the growing period. With the growth, fertilizer is applied every 15 days to ensure good nutrients. It likes to be warm, and the temperature can be maintained around 20-25 degrees Celsius.

1. Fertilization time

The fertilization time of green radish is mainly when it grows very vigorously, specifically, it needs fertilization in spring, summer and autumn.

2. Types of Fertilizers

The main way to fertilize the green radish is to use some liquid fertilizer, which can be purchased directly from the store. The liquid fertilizer is used to irrigate the roots.Liquid fertilizer can be used for both hydroponics and soil culture.In addition to this part of fertilizer, there is also foliar fertilizer, which also needs to be used in an appropriate amount, but foliar fertilizer can not replace the fertilization of root system.

3. Fertilization Methods

1. Before the liquid fertilizer is reused, it needs to be diluted with water, and then poured into water or sprinkled on the soil after adjusting the concentration.In addition, foliar fertilizer is to fertilize the surface of the leaves, spraying directly on the surface of the leaves can make the leaves appear more shiny.

2. The frequency of fertilization can be adjusted according to the season, generally speaking, more fertilizer is needed in spring and summer.It is better to use it once in about 10 days in spring and once in 15 days in summer.Fertilizer is not needed much in autumn, and can be used only once in the whole season to meet the requirements of nutrients.

4. Precautions

In winter, because the temperature is relatively low, the green radish may be in a dormant state, and there is basically no demand for fertilizer, so fertilization can not be applied at this time.

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