Rhododendron fertilizing methods, what kind of fertilizer is better

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The best time for transplanting is around April in spring, which is conducive to survival after transplanting. Before transplanting, choose a pot of moderate size and rinse it before use. Slightly acidic soil can be provided by mixing garden soil, rotten leaf soil, river sand and the like, and the prepared soil is insolated and disinfected in the hot sun. A plurality of tile are padded at that bottom of the flowerpot, then part of soil is fil, the fortune tree is righted and planted in the flowerpot, then the soil is filled and lightly compact, and the soil is irrigated after transplanting.

1. Fertilization time

Rhododendron is a kind of plant that likes fertilizer, so its maintenance requires higher fertilization.Its fertilization can be divided into two categories, one is base fertilizer, which is used when planting; One is topdressing, which is used when it grows faster.

2. Types of Fertilization

The base fertilizer used can be some solid fertilizer, such as animal manure.In addition to the usual liquid fertilizer, some foliar fertilizer can also be used appropriately.

3. Fertilization Methods

1. The application of base fertilizer is relatively simple. After the soil for planting is prepared, it can be directly mixed, and it needs to be evenly mixed.For liquid fertilizer and foliar fertilizer, their application is relatively troublesome, need to be diluted before use, the concentration can not be too high.

2. In addition, the frequency of fertilization can be judged according to the volume of the plant.If it is in the seedling stage, then the requirement for fertilizer is not too high, you can fertilize once a month or so.If the plant is adult and large, the frequency can be controlled at about once every two weeks.

4. Precautions

The specific time of fertilization also needs to be paid attention to, when the temperature is very high and the sunshine is very strong, it is not suitable for fertilization, it is best to choose in the morning or evening.


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