Lily fertilizes a method, with what fertilizer is good?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The growth of Zhaocai tree can not be separated from the sunshine, can be raised in sunny places, pay attention to the leaves facing the sunshine. Adjust the amount of watering according to seasonal changes, and water in time during the vigorous growth period. Apply sufficient bottom fertilizer before potting, and apply secondary decomposed liquid fertilizer every 15 days during the period of rapid growth from May to September in the later period. The suitable temperature is kept at about 18-30 deg C, and at least above 5 deg C in winter. Attention should be paid to the fact that it can not be too hot indoors, and windows can be opened properly.

1. Fertilization time

Lily for fertilization requirements are still relatively high, the need for fertilization period of time is relatively long.At the beginning of its planting, as well as its growth period, that is, from spring to autumn, appropriate fertilization can be applied.

2. Types of Fertilizers

The types of fertilizer applied to lilies can also be divided into base fertilizer and fertilizer used in the growth period.If base fertilizer, then use decomposed organic fertilizer, do not use raw fertilizer.If the fertilizer is applied in the growth stage, you can use various organic fertilizers purchased from the store, such as organic fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.Nutrition needs to be balanced and diverse, not only to supplement one element.

3. Fertilization Methods

1. Fertilization can be based on the principle of "thin fertilizer and frequent application".That is to say, the concentration of fertilizer can not be too high, it needs to be diluted before use, and it can be spread on the surface of the soil.Moreover, the amount can not be too much, do not impose too much at one time, otherwise it is easy to rot.

2. Pay attention to the frequency of fertilization, and the frequency does not need to be too much.Generally speaking, once a week or twice a week is enough, and once a week when the growth rate is very fast.

4. Precautions

1. When the Lily is in the flowering period, it is better not to fertilize, because fertilizing at this time is not conducive to its flowering, which may cause the flower to wither.

2. Do not fertilize when the Lily is in dormancy.

3. The watering of lilies can be carried out together with fertilization, which can play a role in dilution.


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