The flower appearance of the lucky tree, how to promote blossom

Gustavo Fring
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Gypsophila paniculata is suitable for intimate lovers, especially red, representing sincere love, used to express the sincerity of lovers. They can also be given to their parents and elders to express their desire to thank each other for their long-term care. It can also be given to friends and classmates to express the memory of the lost youth. In addition, it is also good to give it to the person you love secretly, expressing the silent love you dare not talk about. Pay attention to its color, different colors represent different meanings, before giving people to be clear about the meaning of each color.

1. Flowers

The lucky tree is mainly a foliage plant, but it can also blossom, but this kind of flowering situation is very rare, its own flowering is very difficult, it is difficult to encounter in life.Zhaocai trees can blossom in April and May every year, the flowers are relatively large, born in the position between the axils, the shape of petals is linear, the color is white, with slender filaments, relatively good-looking, with aesthetic feeling.Not all lucky trees can blossom, young lucky trees can not blossom, need to be maintained for several years before they can open flowers.There are some good implications for the flowering of wealth trees, so we should pay attention to good maintenance to promote flowering.

2. How to promote flowering

1. Suitable soil: If Zhaocai Tree wants to promote flowering, it should first provide suitable soil, which can be prepared with garden soil, coarse sand and coal cinder, mixed with a small amount of organic fertilizer.

2. Adequate exposure to light: Zhaocai trees need sufficient sunlight for flowering, so as to better carry out photosynthesis, thus promoting flowering. They can be kept in sunny places where they can see light, but in summer, they should avoid direct exposure to the hot sun.

Zhao Cai Shu

3. Reasonable water and fertilizer: Reasonable water and fertilizer are also needed in the growth, which is very critical, and proper watering can be used to supplement water.Topdressing is carried out in time before the flowering period, and the decomposed organic fertilizer is applied every half month.

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