Are succulent plants afraid of freezing? How to grow them in winter?

Gustavo Fring
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Before planting, suitable soil should be prepared, humus soil, compost soil and sandy soil should be mixed, and appropriate amount of bone meal and organic fertilizer should be added as base fertilizer to improve fertility. It is suggested that the time should be selected in the middle and late August of each year, the climate is suitable, and the survival rate will be higher. Note that the selected bulbs should be soaked in carbendazim solution for about 5-10 minutes. Planting can not be too deep, about two-thirds of the onion on the line, late attention to moisturizing, 7-15 days will emerge.

1. Are succulents afraid of freezing

There are many varieties of succulent plants, and almost all of them are afraid of the cold environment and are afraid of freezing.As long as the temperature is too low, the meat will not take long to be frostbitten and die.Therefore, after cooling in winter, temperature control treatment must be carried out to provide it with suitable temperature, so as to promote better winter and better recovery growth in the coming year.

2. how to raise succulent plants in winter

1. Temperature control: If the temperature is too low in winter, it is necessary to move it indoors and control the indoor temperature above 5 degrees. Only when the temperature is suitable can it be safely passed.If you are not careful to be frostbitten, the plant is difficult to recover.

2. Watering: In winter, the growth rate of succulent plants is relatively slow, and the water storage capacity is very small. It is necessary to properly control the water supply.If the soil is not dry, do not water it.Usually watering once or twice throughout the winter is OK, dry soil is more conducive to winter, too wet soil is easy to freeze, easy to frostbite plants.

3, light: succulent plant itself likes the sun, the light in winter is very mild, can be placed in the light department to let it bask in the sun.It is suggested to put it on the windowsill near the south and bask in the whole day's light, which can improve the plant temperature and is beneficial to winter.


4. Pruning: Pruning should be carried out in winter. Some weak branches, thin branches and diseased leaves should be cut off to reduce water and nutrient loss, so that the plant has greater ability to resist low temperature and promote better winter.

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