Evergreen auspicious red how to raise, can you blossom

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Yushu to the flowering period has not been flowering, it may be less than the age of the reasons, should pay attention to good maintenance methods, continue to carefully maintain. It may also be the cause of soil inconformity, which can provide loose and fertile sandy soil. It may also be the reason for insufficient light, to choose a good maintenance location, keep in a good light place, see more light to promote flowering. Or may be the cause of improper water and fertilizer management, we should pay attention to good water and fertilizer management, correct watering, regular fertilization to ensure good nutrients.

1. how to raise ten thousand years green auspicious red

1, light: It likes the environment with good light, suggest to let it bask in the sun for 6 hours to 8 hours every day in spring, autumn and winter, light foot leaf color will be more bright, bright.Attention to the summer light is very strong, to avoid in time, not insolation, to move to a semi-shade and ventilated place.

2, watering: It does not like wet environment, so usually do not need to water too much too often, see dry when watering on the line, when watering to water thoroughly.The specific frequency of watering depends on the season.If it is in spring and autumn, it can be watered once every two or three days, and the water disappears quickly in summer, so it is OK to water it once a day.Winter growth is slow, less water, ten days and a half months to irrigate once, pay attention to no matter when water can not be accumulated.

3. Temperature: It is best and most suitable for it to grow at a temperature between 16 and 26 degrees.The climate temperature in spring and autumn can meet the requirements of temperature and grow vigorously.But be careful in summer and winter.In summer, we should cool down and ventilate more.In winter, it should be moved indoors to keep warm and avoid frostbite.

4. Fertilization: The demand for fertilizer in the growth peak season is relatively high, so it is necessary to fertilize frequently.In spring and autumn, it is applied once a half month, and the fertilizer is diluted with nitrogen and potassium fertilizer solution.When the flower bud differentiates, more potassium dihydrogen phosphate should be applied to promote better flowering.Fertilizing is stopped after blooming, and liquid fertilizer is applied once before winter to improve cold resistance.

Rohdea japonica red

Will Evergreen Lucky Red Blossom?

Although it is a foliage plant, it will also bloom, specifically between April and May.However, if you want it to blossom, you need to maintain it for a certain period of time, normally it will blossom three or four years after planting, and during this period, you need to provide an environment conducive to growth.

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