Small hibiscus leaf withered what reason, deciduous in winter?

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Yushu can blossom, usually at home mainly as foliage plants to appreciate, but also can blossom, flowering mainly in summer and autumn, may also blossom in winter and spring from January to March, flowers look small and good-looking, pink and white flowers are densely distributed, the amount of flowers is very large. The implication of Yushu blossom is very good, which is a good omen. Yushu's vitality is very strong, after flowering will not die, the end of the flowering period to do a good job after flowering management.

1. small hibiscus leaves withered what reason

1. Soil discomfort: Its dry leaves are probably caused by soil discomfort. It likes to grow in a well-drained, loose and breathable soil environment.If the soil is not changed for a long time during the cultivation period, the soil is easy to harden or stick heavily, which will hinder growth and respiration.It should be replaced with new soil in time, and it will recover slowly.

2, illumination is undeserved: It belongs to the plant that likes the sun, growth cannot leave the sun.If it is placed in a dark place for a long time during the breeding period, its leaves will turn yellow and dry.If you want to move to the light, just block the bright light in summer.

3. Lack of moisture: It prefers a slightly moist soil environment.If the soil is too dry during the growth period, the root system can not absorb water, the leaves will slowly turn yellow, showing a dry phenomenon.Therefore, we should water frequently during maintenance, so that we can grow more healthily.Pay attention to watering can not be excessive, there can be no water.

Small Hibiscus

Does Hibiscus syriacus leave in winter?

In winter, the temperature is low. If the temperature can be well controlled and a suitable growth environment is provided, the leaves will not fall and the plant will continue to grow.But if the environment is not comfortable and the temperature is too low, the plants will easily suffer from freezing injury, and the leaves will turn yellow and fall.However, as long as we pay attention to control, the temperature will recover slowly in the coming year.

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