The breed aquatics method of silver star begonia, when to blossom

Marie Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Yushu's adaptability is very strong, is a good maintenance of plants, maintenance does not need to spend too much energy. Like people can raise a plant, can also increase ornamental, but at home to pay attention to, the plant contains toxicity, to prevent skin contact, but also to avoid eating poisoning. To raise Yushu, we should choose the right position, ensure sufficient light, keep the temperature at about 20-25 C, and do a good job in water and fertilizer management.

1. Culture method of Begonia argentea

1, soil: breeding time to configure the appropriate soil, to ensure that loose, breathable, fertile, good drainage and the best is neutral.Garden soil, river sand and humus soil can be mixed to meet the demand, pay attention to disinfection before use.

2, illumination: It is fond of light, but also cannot be put for a long time insolate below direct light.It is best to give enough scattered light at ordinary times to meet the needs and avoid sunburn.

3. Temperature: It likes warm conditions, especially between 15 and 25 degrees.In high temperature or low temperature, we should pay attention to high temperature, that is, summer, more ventilation, sprinkler cooling.In winter, warm measures should be taken to avoid frostbite.

4. Watering: More water is needed during the growth period, that is, in spring and autumn, watering should be done frequently, and the soil should be moist, but there should be no water.In summer, the climate is dry and water is sprayed frequently.In winter, water should be reduced to avoid soil compaction and frostbite.

Begonia argentea

2. When does the Silver Star Begonia bloom

The flowering period of Begonia argentea is relatively long, up to half a year.As long as the suitable environment is provided during the growth period, flowering may occur at any time.However, the peak flowering period is in July and August, during which the flowers are more beautiful, colorful, large flowers, highly ornamental.

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