Orange water can water what flower, can you water green Luo?

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Tiger orchid is not cold-resistant, winter breeding time to move indoors, and pay attention to indoor temperature, to be above 10 degrees, will not frostbite. It is fond of scattering light, the light in winter is downy, can be put in indoor light place at ease, bask in the sun more, illumination is sufficient advantageous to hibernate. In addition, we should also pay attention to stop fertilizing in winter. Because at this time almost stopped growing, fertilizer plants can not absorb, but will bring fertilizer damage, affecting winter.

1. what flowers can be watered with orange water

Orange water is slightly acidic water, so use it to water flowers that like acidity, such as jasmine, gardenia, azalea, green radish, cherry blossom, tea plum, Milan and so on.After watering, it can improve the acidity of the soil and promote the vigorous growth of plants.In addition, it can remove the odor of flowerpots and supplement the nutrients needed for plant growth.

2. Method of Watering Flowers with Orange Water

Watering with orange peel should pay attention to the method, the correct method can play a role, otherwise it will hinder the growth, easy to appear poor growth phenomenon.When using, you can soak the orange peel in clean water for about 24 hours.After soaking, the water can not be directly irrigated, it should be diluted with 20 times of clean water first, and then irrigated on the soil surface.Or you can also use diluted orange water to wipe the leaves, which can make the leaves more green, as well as the role of insect repellent, the plant will grow more vigorously.

3. Precautions for Watering Flowers with Orange Water

There are many advantages to watering flowers with orange water, but you should also pay attention to the frequency of watering. You should not water them as if they were clean water, nor should you replace watering. No matter what kind of plants you water, it is the same. Too much frequency and too much acidity will also hinder the growth of plants.Usually ten days and a half months of watering once on the line, or even the frequency of watering can be longer.

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